Daak, Backpacks and Faceless Doctors

Today’s news is all about the homespun, the handmade, the blood, sweat and tears that go into turning your Doctor Who based inspiration into objets d’art- and nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than Abslom Daak hacking seven shades of Dalekanium out those pepper pot despots the Daleks.

With the smell of his freshly printed copy of Vworp, Vworp! #2 still lingering on his hands John Cooper has been blogging to SFX about the ancillary characters from the ink and pen world’s of the Whoinverse.

Using Vworp Vworp!’s amazing features on both Daak and The Lodger’s transition from Tenth Doctor comic strip in DWM to a fully fledged late season five treat Cooper has rated which of our 2-D heroes could make that jump to the third dimension and guest in a future series.

Daak is an obvious choice (though he would have to ‘loose the ponytail’) but also given the once over are Kroton – the Frankenstein’s monster-like Cyberman who still retains his unprocessed emotions, Shayde – the eight ball headed time lord creation that had the ability to travel through time unaided and perhaps my personal favourite, Frobisher, who as Cooper describes was:

“A Whifferdrill detective, the shape – shifting Frobisher spent quite a lot of time as a penguin and could be an excellent budget – conscious companion for TV.”

Well why not? The Eleventh Doctor has already had a robotic T-Rex called Kevin in the IDW series as a companion and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see Matt Smith act opposite a Penguin, hey?

On the subject of crafty creations; when is a Fourth Doctor Scarf not a scarf? When it’s made of seven fat guy sweaters of course.

Kbthreads over at the make and share website Instructables has faced down the hindrance of not being able to knit and has made her own Fourth Doctor scarf by ‘upcycling’ seven oversized thrift store jumpers.

The jumpers were chosen for colour matching rather than type – the scarf is a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials – as well as their size as plenty of material was need to match the length of Baker’s mighty neck wrangler.

As you can see the results are more than impressive.

Something that isn’t quite as impressive is this TARDIS backpack. While there’s nothing wrong with it per se; as Geek Alerts rightly points out, you still be able to pack in all your other TARDIS based collectables (creating a sort of Logopolis style TARDIS within a TARDIS situation) but it still seems to be modelled on the RTD era time vortex.

Come on people the whole of time has had a face lift and our bags should be proudly showing this off! Even if the new time vortex does look like God’s colonoscopy.

The bag would be far more desirable if the whole thing was the TARDIS rather than just a TARDIS pocket on the front of a regular back pack – although it does mean you can pop your Eleventh Doctor action figure in and ‘travel though time’… on the bus.

The bag is available from Amazon for £9.50.

A little more ‘upcycling’ now and Karen Conway has made this uber cute Supreme Dalek Halloween costume for her son Zephan.

The costume, assembled from random junk found in Zephan’s Dad’s garage, consists of: cardboard boxes, fruit cups, mixing bowls, garbage can top, catering trays, toilet bowl float, a fire starter (not a twisted one I hope) toilet roll holders, paint rollers and a bird feeder.

Not only have images of the costume appeared on Flick Filosopher but Karen herself has asked Neil Gaiman to retweet the design (which he did) so that Zephan could win the Inhabitots Green Halloween Costume Contest. Thus far the design is currently second in an impressive list of finalists (digging the Lego Indiana Jones costume.)

Speaking of ‘upcycling’ here’s a man who’s no stranger to a bit of recycling every now and then. Why it’s the Doctor! And here’s a very chic poster of all Eleven of his regenerations sans faces!

The 11 faces of Doctor Who has stoked an entire gamut of opinions ranging from: “Why don’t they have any faces?” to “Its called the ‘11 Faces of Doctor Who’ but where are the faces?”

Truly the world was not ready for such an elegant piece of design – I fear Buzzfeed might not be able to contain such opinions – choose now if you think it’s ‘epic’ or ‘fail’ before our world leaders send men off to die in the name of either divided party.

Humanity, I weep for thee.


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