Fourth Doctor Lost Stories Preview

Big Finish have released an image of the upcoming The Lost Stories boxset, which for those not in the know consists of ten unmade episodes, part of two serials  from the 1970s that never got past the planning stage.

Both serials star Tom Baker and Louise Jameson reprising their old roles (naturally) for ten episodes. And even as somebody who doesn’t listen to Big Finish productions (because I don’t have the time, money and I’m not an audiophile) they sound pretty intriguing…

The Foe From The Future, the six parter, sees the Doctor and Leela travel to a quiet village in the 1970s, only to find something wrong with time and a man called Jalnik (played by Paul “Belloq” Freeman) who has a millennia spanning scheme to destroy the whole of history, with only the Doctor and Leela to stop him.

The Valley Of Death follows the story of an explorer setting out to find out what happened to his great-grandfather on a similar mission of exploration 100 years before. The Doctor and Leela join him as they’re intrigued by diaries talking of spaceships crashing in the Amazon (although I would like to point out that they could just go back and find out first-hand what happened). They find monstrous creatures and something called the Lurons.

The set, which is released in January, also comes with a 75 minute documentary and other extras. It’s £55 by preorder (which sounds a bit dear to me, but I’m not a fan of these things – that could be cheap by your standards!), so if that sounds interesting then go and reserve your copy at!


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