It’s a Christmas Doctor Who!

Ah,the news we’ve all been waiting for is out there, ladies and gentlemen!

Thanks to the Radio Times website we can confirm that Doctor Who’s 2011 Christmas special will air at 7.00pm on December 25th, bringing to an end the anticipation and excitement first set in motion with the broadcast of a trailer at the recent Children in Need event.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe looks fantastic, has a great guest cast (including The Sarah Jane Adventures‘ Mr Smith, comedian and actor Alexander Armstrong) and Steven Moffat’s interesting collision of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and (at the very least, elements of) A Matter of Life and Death looks set to make compelling viewing.

Russell T Davies once famously described the Christmas episodes as being aimed at an audience stuffed full of turkey and requiring little in the way of thought. While this is a simplistic view of some of the themes in The End of Time, it certainly didn’t seem to apply to last year’s A Christmas Carol, which relied on Charles Dickens’ source material to draw in the audience and then played with the usual Steven Moffat timey-wimey tropes, ending in a memorable, Katherine Jenkins-led crescendo of emotion.

A World War II setting, a widow and evacuation to the countryside at the very least evokes adventure, and who better to go on an adventure with than the Eleventh Doctor?

BBC America Update

Thanks to BBC America’s Rory Levine we now know that US-based viewers will also see the special episode on Christmas Day, at the usual time of 9/8c!

Watch the BBC America trailer now:


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