Karen, Arthur, and Saving DWC

Death, petitions and the  musical world of Arthur Darvill today’s news is as varied as it is Who-ful; it’s today’s news round-up!

Adric, Katarina and now Amy Pond? If Karen Gillan gets her way Amy will be joining the great TARDIS crew in the sky. Gillan told Radio 2’s Graham Norton on Saturday morning that she wants Amy to be killed off in an ‘emotional goodbye’.

Thinking of her character’s legacy Gillan told the tartan red top that she hoped fans would remember her time as a ‘good one’ but she also admitted she’d find it hard to stay away

“I think it could be done if you tackled it right – not that I wouldn’t like to pop back every so often.”

Friday had a new moniker this past week – Save Doctor Who Confidential Day – as the Twitter campaign took a count of all you diligent behind the scenes gossip loving fans and passed on the 52,000 signatures to the BBC Trust; reports Doctor Who TV

The campaign was set up after the BBC announced it was to axe the show to clear the BBC Three schedule (which currently ranks just behind the ITV2 schedule in the  ‘Gilded House of Nothing’ competition) for more reality guff like Snog, Marry, Avoid.

Following on from such high-profile support as the Radio Times, the Doctor Who crew and Steven Moffat himself – a count was taken at midnight of all the valid signatures (not including the people who called themselves names like ‘Mof-phat‘ or ‘Dalek Lover’) before being passed on to the Beeb.

However if you want to register a complaint then you can still sign the petition. I don’t quite know what that will achieve but then again the SaveDWC# campaign wasn’t big on sharing its ideals.

Finally singer/songwriter Mark Eitzel- everyone’s favourite self loather and founding member of American Music Club– has tossed his 60 Watt Silver Lining around his former collaborator turned Centurion Arthur Darvil.

Speaking to Wales Online Eitzel spoke about Marine Parade his musical collaboration with playwright Simon Stephens (Pornography) which featured Darvill in one of the lead roles back in May 2010:

“Not many people know this, but aside from being a great actor, Arthur’s a fantastic musician”

So much did her admire Arthur’s musical chops that Eitzel played in a band with him at the rock and roll chalet festival All Tomorrow’s Parties at Minehead that year.

However Eitzel did admit he found it difficult to comprehend seeing his former collaborator battling with the universes greatest foes:

“Its weird though seeing him running around fighting Daleks or whatever – I’m like, “That’s the guy who sang in my play?”

Mark Eitzel is touring the UK from 8th till 12th November. For more details check out his blog page.


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