Matt’s Silence, Tennant’s Twin and the Fifth’s Bust

What does the Doctor fear? Plenty of things apparently but Matt Smith has gone on record stating that The Silence are the greatest monster that Doctor Who has produced!

What makes them so iconic in his mind? Matt explained:

“They look horrendous and are really mean…that’s what Doctor Who should be about: ‘I don’t want to watch this, but also I do’!”

And he’s absolutely correct; they are one of the best Moffat creations ever to grace the screen-menacing, clever predators with no morals or conscious. A bit like the Daleks!

Meanwhile, whilst people are worrying about how long Matt Smith will stay in the role of the Eleventh Doctor, David Tennant (remember him? We couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the Doctor?!) is rumoured to be starring in Nativity 2 as a set of twins, both teachers, one of whom teaches underachieving children and the other works within a private school.

Tennant, if he stars in the Christmas sequel, will replace Sherlock‘s Martin Freeman who is busy filming The Hobbit. A December 2012 release date is expected as filming begins in the Midlands this week.

Finally for all you collectors out there, a few new shiny releases at Forbidden Planet that you might want to add to your figurine collection.

Doctor Who figures from Forbidden PlanetFirst up is Peri and the viscous Sharaz Jek from The Caves of Androzani. Weighing in at £26.99, this two-figure set is available from the Forbidden Planet website on pre-order and will start shipping from 9th December-one to add to the ever growing collection!

The website has also made available a rather splendid (as he would put it) bust of the Fifth Doctor, hands in pockets and giving one of his instantly recognisable “looks”.

The wonderfully rendered creation is, again, available on pre-order, this time for £49.99 but will not start shipping out until 25th April 2012, so only you can decide if you will be able to wait that long!

You can pre order these items or order other Doctor Who items by visiting


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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