Monopolising a Classic

Life moves pretty slowly in the board game making business (unless you throw double sixes of course) so with no small fanfare comes Doctor Who: Monopoly, updated for the beginning of Series 6 and thus robbing the Limited Edition set of its one sole selling point (although you might argue its limited numbers had something to do with it being a tinsy bit naff.)

Doctor Who MonopolyFor those not in the know Monopoly was invented by your parents to make realise that watching TV and not bugging them are good things. It used to be played on what archaeologists call ‘boards’ until it migrated into pub quiz machines and McDonald’s packaging.

Continuing its strong arming of Doctor Who concepts on to its property ladder like an overzealous estate agent; the set specifications on Think Geek proudly boast of:

“A customised board featuring iconic characters, even new ones like The Silence.”

Which is kind of the bare minimum requirement of a Doctor Who: Monopoly set. Nobody buys it in the vain hope that it might be Doctor Who themed. Imagine the disappointment of opening the box to discover it’s the Are You Being Served? Monopoly instead.

To crush your imaginations that little bit further into the dirt there is, unlike the Limited Edition set, a picture of the board itself which confirms several key points:

  • The prison is not the Pandorica
  • You still play as the regular Hat, Dog, Battleship, Car pieces (are capitalists that vile that we can only bring ourselves to play as them by humanising them through the random objects associated with them? “It’s okay to be the car honey, less venal people own them too!” I’m still just as clueless about the battleship though… maybe a war bonds thing… anyone?) apart from a special TARDIS piece which is probably the coolest thing about the set.
  • Every time you land on the Torchwood space you’re fined 100 credits which neatly sums up my feelings towards Torchwood. Every time I go near it, it fines me.

The Doctor Who: Monopoly set is available for $49.99 (about £31) from Think Geek via the link above or Amazon for £35 in the UK; alternatively, you could just keep a picture of the Eleventh Doctor to hand as you play the classic Monopoly set which costs a much cheaper £10 (about $16) from Amazon.


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