Societies, Gifts and Delayed Postage

Christmas! The most chocolate gorging, bird stuffing, relative tolerating time of year. Oh the magic of knowing that a new episode of Doctor Who is just around the corner warms the very cockles. Are you ready for Christmas? No! Good, because today’s news is full of gifts; some good, some bad and some decidedly not gift related at all.

Ho-ho-ho-ing its way under your Christmas tree is this Character Building Eleventh Doctor Collector Pack – which as pointed out by Kasterborous reader Stuart Henderson (who’s definitely on the nice list) has been reduced from £19.99 to £17.61!

So if you want cute renditions of all eleven incarnations of the Doctor encased in a TARDIS display box for a fraction of its previous cost head over to Amazon – the lazy man’s Santa!

Unlike Santa – who’s underpaid, illiterate Elf workers cripple themselves to provide you with the latest tat – Amazon has to rely upon retailers and online sellers in order for you to impress your love ones with your spending prowess.

Unfortunately delays do occur and unlike Santa suppliers or buyers can’t just take those Elves responsible outside and shoot them (yes, kids, he really DOES do that – Ed).

Some of you who pre-ordered Silva Screen‘s Doctor Who: Series 6 soundtrack – which is released on the 19th December – may (like Kasterborous contributor Joe Siegler) have received an email from Amazon informing you that an unexpected delay will mean that getting down with Murray Gold’s sweet sounds won’t be happening until at least December 28th (a time of year where humans are 100% less festive than December 25th).

But fear not! While its expected that Amazon would be more conservative with their estimations, a quick message to Silva Screen informed us that:

“Hi, if you are UK based and ordering from Amazon UK dispatch time is 3- 5 days, which would be 23rd December at the latest. We checked.”

Which is exactly what is predicted on the Amazon pre-order page for the release. Of course, you might be in the USA, in which case it looks as though the postage time is based on the release date and the state of UK and USA shipping as we head towards Christmas.

So the best case scenario is;  as long as the supplier is maintaining there’s no problem and if, as Amazon say, delivery dates are constantly fluctuating, it would appear as though the delay was temporary.

Dispatch confusion aside: Do you remember the first time you found that special someone? That person who shared a deep, meaningful connection with you – a bond that could never be broken by time or the fluctuations of the heart?

Did it inspire you to launch a campus wide Doctor Who Foundation so you could sustain and share that initial frisson of connectivity with your fellow human beings? This isn’t love that I’m feeling; its Who-based societies baby!

The East Texan Online have reported that students at Texas A&M Commerce have spotted mysterious posters imploring them to ’Vote Saxon’; the posters also impart a time, date and location. All three of which have led those in the know to the doors of Political Science Professor Dr. Jeffery Herndon and junior history major Sarah Hays, founders of the group.

The pair decided to share their mutual love of Doctor Who by using the slightly mysterious posters to pique the interest of like-minded Texans:

“If students put two and two together and showed up, it would be even more exciting. Instead of just slapping up an obvious advertisement, we thought stirring up a bit of curiosity might be more fun.”

The first meeting attracted two dozen Whovian’s one of which, sophomore pre-med biology major Ella Harper, was thankful to find such like-minded people:

“I’m looking forward to being able to actually have people to talk about Doctor Who with, because before now I know all of two people that watch the show. And it gives me even more of an excuse to talk about Doctor Who all the time.”

And isn’t that the greatest gift of all (tenuous link alert!) the gift of Doctor Who


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