The £50,000 Confusion?

Soon-to-be-shamed tabloid The Sun claims that the BBC wasted £50,000 of the licence fee payers’ money by scrapping a Christmas edition of behind-the-scenes show Doctor Who Confidential.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine producer Gillane Seaborne confirmed that work had already begun on the episode – based on The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe – before the announcement was made to axe the show in September.

“…the biggest regret is the episode of Confidential we’ve filmed for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special which now won’t be shown. So I guess in the fine traditions of Doctor Who, we now have our very own missing episode.”

The £50,000 amount – which seems high for an incomplete episode – was quoted to the paper by an ‘industry expert’ who even hedge their bets to say it was ‘possibly more’. If that didn’t seem like The Sun’s typical Murdochian anti-BBC stance the paper goes on to quote a ‘BBC Source’ who, rather dubiously, seems to know nothing about the episode:

“This is the first we have heard of it. We’re being told there is no Christmas show.”

Which is strange considering a producer of the show has spoken to a BBC Licensed magazine and confirmed that the incomplete episode does exist – in fact a sourced BBC Spokesperson goes on to say a paragraph later that:

“While Doctor Who Confidential has been decommissioned, all existing episodes will be shown. But there is no Christmas special.”

So a harmless piece of confusion about what constitutes an ‘episode’ egged up with the random anonymous predictions of an ‘industry expert’ or the BBC squandering your license fee on an ill-conceived cost cutting plan?

I suppose the biggest irony is that  if every person who signed the petition to reinstate Doctor Who Confidential to the BBC Three schedule had given a pound each to the BBC it would have just covered the cost of the Christmas Special…


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