Dalek Invasion of Your Living Room

As ruthless killing machines go the range of Dalek toys have not so much toppled a coffee cup let alone mimicking the planet wide destruction of their full-scale counterparts.

So with death in mind the BBC’s technical boffins have created a 30cm Dalek prototype designed to mirror the actions of its onscreen counterpart, reports Metro.

The prototype uses a special code within its remote control systems – a code that was then embedded into an episode of Doctor Who and transmitted to the Daleks via a wi-fi enabled set-top box enabling it to mimic the actions of its on-screen big brother.

At the moment the idea is little more than the BBC indulging in a bit of William Castle hijinks with its new toy but it has already got Project Director Adam Woolard thinking of greater things ahead:

“Effectively, this puts another actor in the living room, enabling a production team to write a script and include it as part of the viewer’s experience.”

There is a mouth-watering amount of fun to be had with this new tech (Imagine a whole fleet of synchronised Daleks marching through your living room! Stare in amazement as your Eleventh Doctor figure turns to you and says: ‘Keep watching, this bits good!’ Sit mouth agape as your Cybermen and Daleks ruck it out in “The Battle Across the Chinese Takeaway Trays”) but its difficult to imagine Steven Moffat sitting down to write a scene designed to make toys startle your pets without it bringing the narrative to a shrieking halt.

While no one is saying that Doctor Who will adopt this new technology its seems the most likely candidate to début any new innovations (unless they can get Ken and Barbie to enact Holby City – which sounds far more preferable to actually watching Holby City) which speak volumes for breadth of imagination the show not only shows but also inspires.

Perhaps the  future lies in a standalone episode or even an interactive board-game? Would you like more interactive extras like this in future episodes?


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