The Fourth Doctor Returns with… Who?!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old-fashioned multi-Doctor special, and well, the upcoming project with AudioGo starring Tom Baker and David Troughton is no exception. Well, in the strictest sense it isn’t, but as David Troughton is taking up his father’s role as the Second Doctor, you could argue that it is indeed a multi-Doctor special!

He’s taking up his father’s role to assist the Fourth Doctor in the last two episodes of the AudioGo series Serpent Crest (a part of the trilogy of ‘Nest Cottage’ that began with Hornet’s Nest and shall be ending with Serpent Crest). And of course, this isn’t the first time he’s appeared alongside the Doctor – he’s appeared alongside his own father (in The War Games and The Enemy Of The World, no less), Jon Pertwee (in The Curse Of Peladon) and most recently alongside David Tennant (as Professor Hobbes in the fantastic episode Midnight).

Naturally, we at Kasterborous hope that this will lead to more multi-Doctor team-ups in future. Judging from a recent interview in Doctor Who Magazine, his performance as the Second Doctor will be memorable and one to check out!

(Via DWM)


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