Whoever Takes The Precious, Takes The Pandorica!

They say that in most fairy tales, there is a good wizard who comes along and tricks the villain. According to the divisive River Song, they always turn out to be the Doctor.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that former Doctor Sylvester McCoy was called upon to return to Australia New Zealand (the place with more sheep than people), for more filming on The Hobbit films, in which he plays a member of Gandalf’s and Saruman’s order of wizards. This role is appropriate as he has not only played a good wizard once (during his tenure as the Doctor) but is also linked by the same role to the inspiration of Gandalf’s character, Merlin.

He was there for two weeks in October, during which time he appeared on TVNZ – a station which I am informed by my foreign correspondent (someone who’s lived there) is rather good even if they handled Torchwood dismally – to promote the project. He will be done shooting the films in February for a hopeful release in 2013.

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(Via DWM)


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