Doctor Who star Karen Gillan

Amy’s Past, Present and Future

Doctor Who star Karen GillanWith Season 6 over and the Christmas Special waiting patiently under the tree what better time than now to reflect on the trials and tribulations of Amy Pond and her non-fictional counterpart Karen Gillan.

Speaking to Hero Complex Karen revelled the trickery Steven Moffat employed to keep his actors’ performances genuine, the ‘horrifying’ moment she came face to face with her aged self in The Girl Who Waited and the ever developing relationship between the Ponds.

It seems Steven Moffat wasn’t just playing the long game with narrative – when it came to defining the mother/daughter dynamic between Amy and River- he also kept his cards firmly pressed to his chest:

“I remember Steven Moffat always saying to me, “Amy is never jealous of River and her interaction with the Doctor.” Because in the earlier episodes, in the previous season, it could quite easily have been played that Amy was a little bit miffed that the Doctor seemed to have more of a relationship with this other woman.

But we made the decision that Amy wasn’t the jealous type, and that she would never be like that towards River. And now I understand why he said that to me, because actually, the whole time, she had this connection with her, such a strong connection. … Which Alex Kingston knew the whole time, by the way, which is really cool in terms of the characters, that we knew exactly what the characters knew, which is what Steven Moffat does so well.”

There was another revelation during Season 6 that left Gillan breathless; her aged make-up for the weepy The Girl Who Waited:

“It was one of the weirdest experiences in my life. It was horrible, actually, because I realized that I don’t age well at all. And my parents found it so strange, because they were like, “You should never see your child that age.” It’s kind of almost like the wrong way around.”

Gillan’s parents aren’t the only couple to have experienced things the wrong way round this year – take the Ponds, who’ve unwittingly grown up alongside their own daughter (who was named after their daughter) and watch her develop into a bespoke killer – its enough to make even the most hardened marriage counsellor weep into their diploma.

But in Karen’s eyes; the events of the past two seasons have only served to pull the Ponds closer together:

I love that relationship so much because it’s developed so much throughout the last two seasons. If we remember back to The Eleventh Hour, the very first episode, Amy was so reluctant to commit to this man…And I guess with being faced with the prospect of Rory being gone, Amy’s realized how much she cares about him, and finally marries him, and now they have a child. It’s developed so much.”

The Ponds return to our screens Christmas Day for a fleeting cameo in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe which airs 7 pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD before biding their time for a stunning departure in Series 7


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