Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat

Moffat Chats on BBC Breakfast

Speaking with BBC News, show runner Steven Moffat has been talking about his two programmes that he oversees: Doctor Who and Sherlock.

There are no spoilers to ruin your Christmas day viewing of The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe but there are two great clips of the episode that you may not have seen and they’re well worth a watch!

Moffat also stops the rumours about the recent Doctor Who movie that has bizarrely been reported in the media recently, stating that there are no plans to make one at the moment and all the movie talk is hearsay. He does however confirm that if, and remember that’s if, there were to be a Doctor Who movie it would be an offshoot of the BBC TV series and would contain the current Doctor (whomever he may be at the time) rather than a new actor and a mythology reboot as has been suggested.

There also a very amusing and very cleverly shot clip from the new series of Sherlock, with Holmes using his powers of deduction to work out exactly where he’s about to be taken. There are also some mild spoilers about what’s Holmes and Watson will be getting up to in the upcoming series.

Moffat is devilishly secretive in this interview and clearly enjoying himself, have a watch to see the master of lies in action!

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