Doctor Who - Ultimate Regeneration

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Ultimate Regeneration

Looking for that perfect stocking filler for the Doctor Who nut in your life? Well, frankly, Christmas has been and gone so no luck there. But you can make up for that by buying Ultimate Regeneration, the book from my benevolent overlords, as soon as possible!

I’ve outlined ten reasons why you should do so below, in no particular order, and I’ve included a link to my review of the book (written before I started writing for Kasterborous).

Doctor Who - Ultimate Regeneration10: In the vague words of our editor “we’ve got a half-price 1st anniversary sale coming up”. If ever there was a time to buy it, it’s then. It will also shortly be available on Kindle for the more futuristic among you (can’t stand eBooks myself).

9: Proceeds will go to the “Keep Christian In Northern Foods” fund. Living in the North-East requires money for a steady supply of pies, Yorkshire puddings and ale, so you’d be putting money towards a good cause and getting a good book in the bargain!

8: You could use the high-falutin’ new search function to read all the articles and reviews contained within the book, but that would rob you of the joy of the overall narrative that Our Benevolent Overlord has written especially for this book.

7: Lack of typos! You may have noticed in the review above that I made a point of skewering some of the more painful typos that exist in my copy of the book but according to OBO they’re gone now so there’ll be no more nitpicking!

6: In the book, you’ll be getting the best of the first 6 years or so of Kasterborous, including some interesting titbits about Phil Collinson action figures and some ‘of the time’ criticism for every episode from Rose to The End Of Time Part 2.

5: It’s the first in a series of books from Kasterborous Books. When we do the big push for the inevitable second book, think of how glad you’ll be that you’ve had time to familiarize yourself with the first one!

4: It features contributions from the editor of Gareth Kavanagh, the editor of the fanzine Vworp Vworp!. We’ve featured excerpts from Vworp Vworp! on Kasterborous a few times now, so if you buy the book you’ll be able to read more pieces written by him. It also features contributions from Thomas W. Spychalski, who helps run the Cult Britannia website (for those of you not familiar with Cult Britannia, it’s essentially Kasterborous without the Doctor Who focus).

3: Although Anthony Dry doesn’t have much of a hand in the overall look of Kasterborous anymore, you can still see his hand at work on the cover of the book, which features a fantastic drawing of the First and the Tenth Doctors side by side.

2: Every once in a while, there will be signing events for the book (there was one in the Who-Ray shop some time ago, which I couldn’t attend because I’m barred from the North). There will be copies of the books available at these events and if you bring your own, OBO will be more than happy to sign it. Such events will of course be publicized on this very website.

1: And finally, the most important reason to buy Ultimate Regeneration has nothing to do with supporting us. To be honest, it’s a cracking read. It’s one of those books that is hard to put down and is likely to surprise you even if you thought you knew everything about New (or indeed, Classic) Who. I got writing for Kasterborous because I wanted to be part of the team that put out a book like that. As Christopher Eccleston might say (although it’s unlikely as he probably hasn’t read it), it’s “fantastic”.

The second edition of the print version of Ultimate Regeneration is listed on Amazon for £12.99. Watch out for news of the Kindle version soon on Kasterborous!


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