A Missing Writer and a Dino Disaster

Classic Doctor Who – the YouTube channel dedicated to showing of the peerless extras that always come with a 2|entertain release – have been teasing more of their fantastic work

First up is a clip from the documentary Looking for Peter, covering the mysterious tale life and times of Doctor Who writer Peter R. Newman, a former screenwriter for Val Guest who after his sole credit for Doctor Who The Sensorites disappeared from British television and indeed writing altogether.

Amicable host Toby Hadoke (Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf) attempts to unravel the enigma with the aid of the Doctor Who Restoration Teams own Richard Bignell and some rather dapper threads.

Now, there’s never been a shortage of SFX companies promising the Earth (or at least a half way convincing model of it) and then failing to meet expectations (take a bow Kamelion…I said ‘take a bow kamelion’…oh forget it!)

And there’s no finer example of this than the Jurassic effects cock-up Invasion of the Dinosaurs – where, unsurprisingly, an SFX company’s promise failed to yield anything more convincing than what you could find at the bottom of a toy box.

Hear Terrance Dicks and the late Barry Letts talk through the decisions that lead to some of the most egregious effects in the shows history (well except maybe for Robo-Prop of course) in this clip from Dinosaur FX in Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

Somewhere in Steven Moffat’s Who soaked mind he must be thinking: “I could so have another crack at dinosaurs!” Come on Steven, let the big geek win and let’s have some proper dinosaurs.

The Sensorites will be released on the 23rd January and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon for £12.99.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs is available as part of the UNIT Files Box Set is available now for £22.47 also from Amazon.


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