Former Doctor Who David Tennant

David Tennant and The Decoy Bride

Post Doctor Who, David Tennant headed to the USA to film the pilot for a comedy series that would prove unattractive to American TV networks.

Certain newspapers and websites were quick to criticise, but like any good actor, the former Tenth Doctor was enjoying himself and since then has been on stage, on TV and on cinema screens in the remake of Fright Night.

He’s also been exercising his Hugh Grant/Colin Firth credentials by starring in a new romantic comedy, The Decoy Bride, with Kally Macdonald (Trainspotting, Nanny McPhee, State of Play) and if the results below are anything to go by then Richard Curtis (Vincent and the Doctor) will have already been in touch!

Now let’s be honest: there’s nothing cerebral or political about what you’ve just watched. It’s the old adage of a love triangle, cleverly relocated to a remote Scottish island and starring two of Scotland’s most well-known actors and that bloke off of Ugly Betty.

It’s typical romcom fare; frankly, if this doesn’t get nommed up by British audiences during 2012 there is something very wrong with the world.


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