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Fern Who?

Doctor Who hasn’t fared well on Room 101. First Michael Grade cast it into the fiery chasm and now in perhaps the most shocking blow former This Morning present and guest on the newly revamped Room 101 Fern Britton has revealed via Digital Spy that she hates watching Doctor Who:

“I think Doctor Who is the most dreary thing. I think it’s dreary.”

Apparently she thinks it’s dreary.

Fern also went on to add:

“I hate sci-fi as it’s not real and all these people who are fans think it is real and it’s some sort of religion to them.”

Unpack that sentence for a moment and you’ll be left with a pretty reductive view of fiction – sure sci-fi operates in galaxies that are indeed far, far away but that doesn’t mean the emotions don’t resonant with real life experiences. Perhaps not as real as say: phone in competitions, winter fashion trends at affordable prices and rectal exams with Paul Ross.

The less said about equating hating sci-fi and religious fervour the better but we will be taking calls later with Dr. Steele on that subject after the news.

Offering a comforting pat on the knee and a chance to talk to some of our counsellors afterwards Fern offered conclusive evidence of just how out of touch Sci-Fi is with reality:

“I tried to watch Star Wars three times but I’ve never got passed the first 12 minutes as I’ve always fallen asleep.”

Of course the opening twelve minutes which contain perhaps one of the greatest opening shots of all time – the Imperial Star Destroyer passing overhead – still if you can’t text in your opinions about the Imperial Senates Stance and Princess Leia’s fashion sense then what’s the point?

If you cast Room 101 into Room 101 does the universe implode? And, most crucially, what does Holly Willoughby think?

Room 101 returns Friday at 20:30 on BBC One.


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