Gillan Takes Manhattan and Then Some!

Poor Karen Gillan, she seems to get all the difficult jobs. If she’s not doing a gruelling Doctor Who shoot for six months of the year where she’s thrown about and attacked by large people dressed up as beings from beyond the stars, she’s being tricked by professional photographers!

Gillan will soon be appearing as the star of the Jean Shrimpton biopic BBC drama We’ll Take Manhattan, which details the affair of Shrimpton and photographer David Bailey in the 1960’s.

However, to give the drama a sense of realism, the producers enlisted the real David Bailey to come and take photos of the actress during the shoot.

But it wasn’t a straightforward “stand and pose” kind of shoot, as it seems that Bailey had plenty of idea to keep the actress on her toes. Recalling the day, Gillan told tales of how the photographer gave her some, let’s say interesting, inspiration:

“He kept shouting, ‘Surprise me! Do something!’ He seems to build up your confidence but then knock it back down again. He kept on saying to me, ‘You’re pretty but pretty girls are like red buses.’… He meant being pretty is not enough to make an interesting portrait, essentially.”

Ah, the intrepid world of an artist, they always want to approach the canvas in a different way. Maybe he should have shown her how Steven Moffat plans for her character of Amy Pond to leave the next series of Doctor Who, now that would have given her some interesting facial expressions…

Fancy some more photos (thanks to the BBC)?

We’ll Take Manhattan is on Thursday 26th January on BBC Four.


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