Make Your Mind Up At Midnight

So you’ve seen the poster, you know that the great Russell T Davies has approved the copyright-dodging script and you probably even know that this independent production of “Midnight” had its first public run out at The Lass O’Gowrie last night in a small room before a compact audience of 20.

But you’re still not sure, are you? After all, it’s not exactly The Crash of the Elysium, is it?

Of course, that’s exactly the point.

“Midnight” gives Doctor Who fans (and indeed, anyone with an interest in live theatre) the opportunity to witness the genuine strength of Russell T Davies’ writing beyond the context of the Whoniverse. There is no “Doctor”, no “TARDIS” and no “Donna” – just a chap called Smith who ends up trying to take control of the situation and almost ends up with his soul captured by an alien intelligence.

So how are we going to swing this? Howabout we head over to SFX where the first show has been reviewed by blogger John Cooper

Mike Woodhead’s portrayal is an easy going mix of Eccleston and Tennant and was very watch-able but could have been a bit more assertive.

The cast are all impressive, in particular the cool, assured shuttle hostess (Jane Leadbetter) and the superbly dedicated Zoe Matthews as Sky Sylvestry. The televised episode was impressive enough; however watching a live performance of the poor possessed Sky repeating all the other characters’ dialogue in synchronicity is a tour de force that ramps up a palpable sense of tension in this slick, technically ambitious and well-directed production.

If that isn’t enough to get you enthused then frankly, you either live too far from Manchester or you don’t have a pulse. Either way, it would be a shame to miss “Midnight” – I’m heading across to the North West on Saturday to experience this live performance of Doctor Who!

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