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Top 10 Guest Stars: The Tenth Doctor Pt2

The best guests of “The David Tennant Years,” eh? That’s a hard one.

Remember Agatha Christie, a brilliant author who thinks she’s worthless, wonderfully played by Fenella Woolgar? How about Anthony Head as Mr. Finch? That scene by the swimming pool – that was great. Oh, and Peter Kay! Okay, Love & Monsters is nobody’s favourite episode – and yes, even Kay regrets it, somewhat – but Victor Kennedy was wickedly sly!

These fine people are not in the Top Ten. So imagine how awesome those who did make the list are, if the above are just honourable mentions!

…Well, imagine no longer.

5. Harry Lloyd as Jeremy Baines/ Son of Mine.

Jeremy Baines/Son of Mine, as played by Harry LloydFrom the off, Baines was detestable.

In the critically-acclaimed Human Nature/ The Family of Blood, Harry Lloyd presents us with a bullish public schoolboy; leader of the gang, and very much a product of the early 1900s. He’s the Yin to Tim Latimer’s Yang.

It’s no coincidence that he is the first to be consumed by the Family of Blood.

And Son of Mine is scary; unerring and driven by a need to survive, at any cost. He can be loud and brash, then calm and collected – but always confident.

It might be why his monologue when the Family are defeated is so chilling and dead.

4. Sarah Parish as The Empress of the Racnoss.

Sarah Parish is completely unrecognisable, but she certainly doesn’t hide behind the prosthetics.

The Empress of the Racnoss in 2006’s Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride, is fantastically realised. The giant red spider is instantly malevolent, her ambitions driven by hatred and a creepily- relatable maternal instinct.

Her anger and sadness is wonderful, and Sarah Parish is surprisingly energetic – for an incredibly static alien.

It’s all in the fangs.

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars3. Alan Ruscoe, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Chook Sibtain as Andy Stone, Maggie Cain and Tarak Ital.

Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit, but maybe I can say that all three played one character: The Flood. The thing is, nearly everyone on Bowie Base One was infected – and they all play it magnificently – but these three were the initial victims. Every scene they’re in is incredible creepy. Seeing them actually transform must be one of the scariest bits of Doctor Who… ever.

The Waters of Mars is a simple base-under-siege story. But because of the performance of all its cast, it has to be the definitive one.

2. Lesley Sharp as Sky Silvestry.

Midnight was a huge highlight of series four, pitting the Doctor against… well, everyone!

And the one stirring it all up was Sky. Wickedly manipulative, unrelenting and genuinely chilling – even when she’s only crouched on the floor – Lesley Sharp put everything she had into her surprising performance.

Just watch her opposite the Doctor; repeating, then synchronising everything he says. Wow.

A work of genius.

1. Derek Jacobi as Professor Yana/ The Master.

Derek Jacobi - the best Master yet?It had to be, right?

Jacobi is such a huge name; it shows how big Doctor Who is. And to have him play the Master – !

Chan- Professor Yana was so likeable-tho. He reflected the Doctor expertly; accompanied by an ever-faithful companion, he was compassionate, tired but forever hopeful.

That’s why it was so thrilling and heartbreaking when Martha noticed the fob watch. We knew which Time Lord he was, really. It was never going to be K’anpo, Romana or Keith From High Gallifreyan Accounts.

“I. Am. The Master.”


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