Barrowman’s Hollow Earth

Rather than lying in a broken Xanadu like mansion, babbling between shots of Bourbon about how ‘the Angelo episode wasn’t that bad’ to a cast of haunted teddy bears, John Barrowman has been busy collaborating with his sister Carole E. Barrowman on Young Adult novel Hollow Earth reports Popmatters.

Mixing that lamented genre’s potent combination of mythic, fictional creatures and, like, life and stuff – Hollow Earth concerns 12 year-old twins and Barrowman stand in’s Matt and Emily Calder, who have special powers, such as the ability to bring art to life (I’m hoping that means ‘drawings’ rather than ‘art’ because otherwise that would mean a lot of trips to the National Pointy Stick Gallery every time there lives were endangered.)

This pair of Penny Crayons also have the ability to access the titular Hollow Earth where; ‘all the demons, devils and creatures ever imagined lie trapped for eternity’ – It’s a story of art, imagination and, the inevitable franchise rights (there’s already talk of a TV series.)

The book was first conceived by the pair in 2010 where they spent two months researching both its highland and London settings before they returned to their respective sides of the Atlantic – its due to this gulf that the novel took so long to write, well that and the Barrowman’s own goofing off:

“Oh, we both revert to childhood on most of our projects together, but this one even more so because we were continually asking ourselves what kids would like in a book, especially one with monsters and lots of adventure. Writing Hollow Earth gave us an excuse, if nothing else, to be kids again — well, more kids than usual.”

For those not enamoured by Young Adult fiction maybe more pleased to find out that the pair are to collaborate again, only this time back in the more familiar world of Torchwood – which again changes the dynamic of how the pair work together:

“[the collaboration] is different again for us because John has such an intimate relationship with our novel’s main character and because we’re adding to a rich canon and a highly successful franchise.”

Hollow Earth is available to buy from Amazon now for £4.09.


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