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If you hadn’t heard, or were previously unaware of the Doctor Who Tour from Brit Movie Tours, now is the best time to start thinking about one of the most fantastic and unique trips you can imagine!

The Doctor Who 3 day tour of locations is the ultimate experience for die-hard Doctor Who fans or “Whovians”.  The tour starts in London, and takes you through South Wales, and Wiltshire. During those three days, you get to experience many sights and sounds with a small group of like minded people.

Day 1

Stonehenge, seen in The Pandorica OpensThe tour begins in London where you visits locations including Rose Tyler’s Estate and the Parallel Earth.  Then the tour moves on to Stonehenge to view the site of the Pandorica.  After lunch you get to walk in the footsteps of Rory and Amy and walk around the Doll’s House from Night Terrors.

Next up is a visit to The Forest of Dean to explore the Maze of the Dead caves as seen in The Time of Angels.  Then it’s on to the magical forest of Byzantium to see where Amy had to keep her eyes shut in Flesh and Stone.  The day ends with a group meal and a Doctor Who quiz before retiring to the relaxing comfortable in 3-4 star accommodation.

Day 2

The tours moves on towards Wales with a stop in Upper Leadworth where Amy and Rory’s dream village from Amy’s Choice is located. Next up is a meeting with the real life owner of the Gothic property used as the location of Farringham School in Human Nature.  Here you will hear stories from the owner about the experiences with the Doctor Who crew.

The church used in The Hungry Earth is another location and you also get to enjoy the beauty of Bad Wolf Bay and see where the classic farewell scene takes place between the Doctor and Rose in Doomsday. Finally the tours heads to Cardiff with another comfortable nights’ accommodation.

Day 3

Day 3 starts off with a nice walk around Cardiff City Centre where you get to take in the locations from Rose and The Runaway Bride.  Next is a two-hour visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay where there is lots of fun to be had.   By now you will have built up and appetite and lunch is at the American Diner seen in The Impossible Astronaut.  After lunch the tour takes you to a quick stop at the house of Sarah Jane Smith followed by a short visit to the Palace of Versaille to find locations from The Girl in the Fireplace.

Then it’s off to the Museum of Welsh Life used as Farringham village in Human Nature and to visit Amy Pond’s home village of Leadworth to see where Prisoner Zero escapes in The Eleventh Hour.  Finally the tour heads back to England where there is a pit stop at The Cloven Hoof pub in Devil’s End which is a classic spot amongst Doctor Who locations.  Then it’s back to central London where the tour ends

Many fans have rated the tour 5 star which you can see by going over to Trip Advisor. For more information on this Doctor Who Tour visit www.britmovietours.com

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