Don’t Forget – Ultimate Regeneration Birthday Sale!

Doctor Who - Ultimate RegenerationFebruary is almost over, which means there is just one more week to purchase Ultimate Regeneration at the one year anniversary price of £5.99!

This represents an astonishing 55% discount which we reckoned would prove attractive to readers of Kasterborous who weren’t able to pre-order the book back in 2010.

Okay, this next part is important: we will not be repeating this offer. Once the 55% discount ends, Ultimate Regeneration will revert to its standard Amazon price of £12.99 (you can also find a review on Amazon). While it can be purchased on eBook for under £3 (not bad for 280 pages) you will not get the opportunity to purchase the print version at such a low price again via this website.


So, you have until next week to purchase Ultimate Regeneration at the astonishingly low price of £5.99 including P&P within the UK ($11.99 for the US and overseas).

UK Buyers

US Buyers

So, it’s call to arms time: featuring 60 episode reviews by the Kasterborous team, a running commentary of the behind-the-scenes developments and public perception of the show, topped off with cover art by Anthony Dry (worth double the cover price alone), if you’re a fan of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who or simply a completist then we recommend that you consider this special price seriously.


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