Fancy Funding a Fan Film?

A quick shout out now to Alex Hluch, an independent filmmaker, grad student at the University of Central Florida, and a monolithic Whovian who is literally putting his entire MFA on the line by trying to get a Doctor Who-inspired web series funded.

Alex is looking for funding to see his project through to completion – without it, he doesn’t graduate.  Simple as that.

Rather than creating a run-of-the-mill “fanfic,” Alex has opted for a spin-off with wholly original characters, being too much of a purist to ever actually touch the Doctor. His interesting concept is that there are actually two Gallifreyans left in existence, because one was exiled and stranded on Earth with no means to escape during the Great Time War.  Unlike the Doctor we all know and love, this second Time Lord is narcissistic and solipsistic… he’s a bit of a b*****d.

He also likes a drink…

Alex has invested a lot of time and effort and soul into the project, so if there is any one out there willing to help with the funding, you can find out more via and We should also mention the obligatory Facebook page,


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