Gallifrey One Review

So that’s it for another Gallifrey One convention: there were laughs, insights, costumes galore – but more importantly, sweet memories of when the Doctor Who fan community get together to really put on a show.

WhatCulture! reviewer Andrea Shelton has been sharing her experiences of the weekend and couldn’t help but feel proud of her fellow Whovians:

“The defining characteristic of this event is that it is 100% fan-run. This means every staff member and volunteer is participating out of sheer love and enjoyment of the series, and it shows in every detail of the programming.”

Chairperson Robbie Bourget and her team clearly did a great job of planning an awesome convention which combined an impressive selection of interviews, screenings and discussion panels. Naturally all these discussions and screenings are only as interesting as the participating audience – and one of the traits unique to this convention is the unprecedented access fans are given to those stars:

“Headliners such as Paul McGann, Camille Coduri, Mark Sheppard, William Russell, Toby Haynes, Barnaby Edwards, and Gary Russell (among MANY others) participated in live commentaries, discussion panels, and had scheduled times for autographs and photos that gave every registered member the opportunity to interact with their favourite actors and writers.”

However there’s no time for pointed discussions on the minutia of the Whoniverse when there are costumes to display! Skits to air! And a charity auction to chair!

“Saturday night featured the Masquerade of Mandragora, an opportunity for fans to display their home-made costumes, as well as a few prepared skits. The fandom of Doctor Who is damned talented, and I was blown away by the level of quality in each entrant’s work. Audience favourites included the Androids! sitcom featuring three different generations of Cybermen, and the Companion Game featuring Doctors Two, Nine, and Dalek-Sec competing for a chance to travel with former companion Dodo.

Perhaps the greatest “awww” moment was when an otherwise shy 3 or 4 year-old contestant dressed as Tom Baker’s 4th doctor began dancing on stage with the giant-sized Adipose during the award ceremonies.”


Let’s take a look now at a brief selection of images from the Flickr stream of “Friend of the K” Rick R. If you weren’t there, a quick glance through these will make you wish you were…













A lot of pictures? We didn’t even touch the sides! Hot foot it over to Rick’s account to see the rest!

There’s much love for the Who community especially from the charity Students Run LA who received over $7,000 from the charity auction – which included autographs, vintage books, VHS tapes and action figures all going under the hammer for the school based mentoring and physical fitness program at risk middle and high school students in LA.

If all that sounds good then start saving for the 50th Anniversary Convention next year!


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