Harry Potter Inspired Barrowman’s Hollow Earth

John Barrowman has revealed that inspiration for his new book, Hollow Earth – co-written with his sister, Carole – came from Harry Potter.

He was particularly affected by Carole’s children’s love of the book series:

“I used to buy the first editions and ship them over to my niece and nephew so they had them before all their friends. We were at a cabin in Wisconsin, by a lake where there’s plenty for kids to do outdoors, and we looked through the window and all the kids were just reading these books.”

Hollow Earth – the tale of 12-year old twins, Matt and Emily Calder – who have the power to enter paintings and bring art to life – was released at the beginning of this month by Buster Books.

In the supernatural story, the twins are forced to flee when villains try to use them to release the contents of Hollow Earth, a place where devils and demons are trapped for eternity.

Though the book, with a proposed age range of 6- 12, contains all manner of creatures, John insists it’s an entirely different beastie from Harry Potter:

“I don’t want people to think that we’re writing the next Harry Potter because we’re not. We just wanted to write a really good story… If people compare us to Harry Potter, it would be awesome. I love reading those books and watching the movies.”

John and Carole, who have previously written a Torchwood comic strip, are currently in talks to produce a TV series… and a Hollywood movie!

Hollow Earth is available to buy now from Amazon for £4.09.


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