Former Doctor Who David Tennant co-stars with former companion Sophie Aldred in Tree-Fu-Tom

Past Doctor & Companion Team Up For CBeebies!

Coming to your screens in March (if you or your child watch CBeebies, otherwise this is of basically no relevance whatsoever) is a new series starring Sophie Aldred and former Doctor himself, David Tennant!

Former Doctor Who David Tennant co-stars with former companion Sophie Aldred in Tree-Fu-TomPossessing the rather weird name of Tree Fu Tom, the show is based in a magical world where movement creates magic (joggers in this world must be like The Flash). Aldred plays Tom, a wee boy who becomes a superhero tasked with stopping the Barkers or some such, while Tennant plays Twigs (a name which makes him sound like a Mafia gangster whose ‘thing’ is wood).

Trotting out the usual PR talk, Tennant (apparently) said,

“I think Tree Fu Tom is imaginative, inventive, exciting, really good fun and it looks beautiful. It looks like no expense has been spared and I can’t wait to see all the finished episodes as everything I have seen so far has been a visual feast. It’s an incredible, wonderful thing that we have channels like CBeebies that devote so much time and effort and skill to telling wonderful stories.”

Meanwhile, Aldred had this to say on her co-star:

“I had previously played a character called Ace who was Doctor Who’s companion and now, some years later, I’ve got a Doctor Who as my companion! It’s been really great working with David and we have shared a couple of Doctor Who stories!”

Well, even if it’s not to my personal taste, it sounds like something that children will enjoy (not that I would know, since it’s been a decade and a half since the interests of small children and myself coincided). And who knows, hopefully really small ones can be introduced to Doctor Who by following the careers of these two fine actors!

(Thanks to Radio Times!)



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