Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Face Off

We cannot deny it.  We’ve all sat around a table in our homes or at a table debating the trivial topics, pitting the Doctor and Sherlock against each other in a battle of wits but that’s mostly where it stays, at the table unanswered – well until now.

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The city of Halifax, located in the East Coast of Canada, acts as the home base for a comedy-debate show called Geeks Versus Nerds.  GVN (as it is more commonly known) is the debate style program that investigates topics no one else has the guts, tenacity or interest to investigate.  The object of the show is simple.  Secure the title for your team’s candidate using facts, obscure knowledge and trash talk.

This week’s podcast release is The Doctor versus Sherlock Holmes: Who is the smarter Master of Mysteries?  Warning: Expect strong language.

Doctor vrs SherlockThe show, which is filmed and recorded before a live audience at a pub called the Gradwood, relies on a simple format.  You have three members on each team, a Geek Leader or Nerdherder, a Fact Guy and a Funny Guy, and all that stands between them and chaos is the moderator known as The Lord High Pig Monkey Andrew Dorfman, his gavel and a fully armed, battery operated Nerf gun for when things gets out of hand.

The show is split up between four rounds with each team getting their fair share at what to say.  Round 1 is all about hype.  You promote your candidate and make him look good because Round 2 is all about attack.  Here you slander the other side with whatever embarrassing tidbit facts or obscure knowledge you gathered from the depth of the internet.  Round 3 is the Pig Monkey Question.  This verbal challenge, provide by the host himself, demands you prove your candidate meets whatever criteria the host has provided.

Pig Monkey Question for Sherlock Vs The Doctor:

In order to be the smartest master of mysteries the candidate must have shown their keen powers of observations and extrapolation.  Show how the candidate had concluded mysteries by using intelligence over brute force.

Team HolmesRound 4 is the ever classic Who Would Win in a Fight round.  These rounds are no hold bars rounds were anything can be said and more times than not it will be.  However crazy the fight round is it is nothing compared to the final round: The Punchup.  This is five minutes of open debate.  This is where all the things the candidates have been holding back, both funny and factual, come out in a torrent of attacks and arguments.

When the dust has settled and the injured have their wounds tended to, the winner is chosen by audience applause and the victor is crowned and the belt is handed out.

The GVN team started as a team of three but have grown into a double-digit team with a list of debaters numbering in the thirties.

The BeltGVN is on their third season and have recorded nearly fifty shows.  They don’t just talk about British icons, as interesting as that seems, they delve into the insanity that is Geekdom using topics like Batman Vrs Boba Fett; Hellboy Vrs Wolverine; MacGuyver vrs the A-Team; Indiana Jones vrs Lara Croft; and many more which can be found for free here.  Once again I warn of the harsh language.


This man enlisted with UNIT after his first encounter with the Fantastic Christopher Eccleston and has been a part of the Whovian army ever since. He is a freelance writer that works on his own zine at and has just gotten his first works published.

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