Ultimate Regeneration Birthday Sale!

Twelve months ago marked the culmination of 2 years of hard work as the Kasterborous team – namely Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova completed the first book to be spawned by this website, Ultimate Regeneration.

Ably assisted by Thomas W. Spychalski and various other contributors we released the book on an unsuspecting world as a self-publishing project paid for by pre-orders from you, our loyal readers.

Doctor Who - Ultimate RegenerationFor this we are eternally grateful; since its initial release Ultimate Regeneration has been stocked in stores both physical and online and can currently be found in print and Kindle format at Amazon.

However we are aware that there are some of you who were unable to purchase a pre-order copy, perhaps due to you being unaware of Kasterborous at the time. As a result we’re offering Ultimate Regeneration for the next 4 weeks until March 4th at the astonishingly low price of £5.99 including P&P within the UK ($11.99 for the US and overseas).

Offer now closed

This special, one-off price represents a 55% discount on the official £12.99 cover price found at Amazon.

In case you didn’t know, Ultimate Regeneration tells the full story of the 2005-2010 era of Doctor Who, covering 2 Doctors, 5 companions and one visionary showrunner.

Basically it is a collection of essays, articles and reviews covering the revival of Doctor Who between 2003 when its return was announced and 2010 when the final episode of the Russell T Davies’ era was broadcast.

The full story is put into context with a running commentary on the main events in Doctor Who news and fandom with 60 Doctor Who reviews from Rose to The End of Time, Part Two, over 30 articles including character, actor and writer profiles and bursting with typical Kasterborous verve.

With stunning cover art by Anthony Dry and contributions from Simon Mills, Thomas Willam Spychalski, Gareth Kavanagh and many more, the book tells the real-time critical story of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who.

This is a one-off, never to be repeated chance to get the book at an amazingly low price – currently available in print for £12.99 on Amazon and £3.08 on Kindle, this is your opportunity to grab a bargain!

One last thing – to those of you who have asked whether or not we’ll be producing a follow-up, the answer is of course “yes!”… full details will be released when the time is right.


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