Assimilation (Squared) Interview!

One of the things that never came to pass in Russell T. Davies’ era of Doctor Who, according to The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, was a crossover between Star Trek and Doctor Who. Part of the reason was that the Doctor would have to discover that the Federation was fabulous and could do no wrong.

IDW's Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover Assimilation²Thanks to the efforts of IDW and the copyright holders, a crossover has finally come to pass in comic book form as Assimilation² (squared, not sequel). The series features the Borg and the Cybermen together for the first time, which in sci-fi dream team fights has to be equal to the Cybermen fighting the Daleks!

Two of the writers of the comic, Scott and David Tipton, gave Comic Book Resources an interview. The interview makes for fascinating reading and contains some interesting quotes regarding the crossover. I’m not usually one to fall for pre-release hype and promotion (seeing as the objective is to get the ratings) but these are making me look forward to the series!

When asked how they decided which Captain and which Doctor to get together, Scott responded,

Scott: It was mutually agreed by all concerned, including us, that the best fit for this particular story was Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D. I think “Next Generation” is tonally a better match for “Doctor Who” in a lot of ways. Plus, with the success of the “TNG” broadcasts on BBC America and the fact that this year is the 25th anniversary of “TNG,” the stars seemed to be in alignment. There was never any discussion of using the new re-imagined Kirk and Spock movie crew. Honestly, I think it’d be too soon. They deserve the opportunity to find their own identity.

That seems to be good logic as I can imagine the Doctor having problems with some of Classic Kirk’s choices in the original series. There’s one episode (A Private Little War) where he keeps a conflict going just so one side wouldn’t destroy the other, which I doubt the Doctor would be happy with.

A very interesting question that was brought up was “any plans for surprise cameos from characters such as Q or Captain Jack?” and their answer is probably the best one they could’ve given.

…I think we have to be careful not to go too crazy with the cameos and the Easter eggs in a book like this. That temptation is there to try and squeeze in all of the Doctor’s rogues’ gallery, and all of the Federation’s most dangerous foes, and soon you can lose track of the story you set out to tell in the first place. So, while longtime Trek fans and Who fans will no doubt recognize some familiar people, places and things, we’re trying to stay focused on telling the best story we can.

I think an appropriate place to end is on this quote, when they were asked which panel provided the biggest “geek-out”:

I will confess that the first time I typed a panel description that had the words “Riker,” “Data” and “TARDIS” in it, I had to stop typing because I began to cackle like a loon. Some things in life you never expect to happen…


In his spare time, Scott writes for Kasterborous, his personal blog at WordPress and the revived Starburst Magazine. He’s also on Twitter (as @Scott_V_Writer) where he tries to be interesting and verbose in 140 characters.

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