Gillan: Amy is a “Strong Female”

When Susan left the First Doctor, we felt his loss. When Jo Grant decided to get married and leave the Third Doctor, we watched as a single tear fell from the Time Lord’s eye. When Rose was trapped in a parallel world forever, a nation mourned alongside the Tenth Doctor.

Why are we bringing up such painful memories for you, you ask? Because that time, that horrible loss that the Doctor has gone through in every one of his incarnations and over all the centuries that he’s been travelling, that time is coming around again.

The Ponds are leaving the TARDIS for good in the next series of Doctor Who and it doesn’t look liken they’ll be coming back. Karen Gillan seems to be adamant that once her tenure as Amy Williams is over, it’s over. No coming back for a visit, no popping her head though the TARDIS door, no Leadworth reunions. This, as they say, is the end.

Fortunately, though, Karen has loved her time on Doctor Who.

“I’ll remember working with my friends, getting the best writing there is out there in Britain, at the moment, and also just playing such a strong female. That’s one thing I hope I continue to get to do. A lot of stuff is clearly written from a male perspective and the women aren’t quite as fleshed out as the guys. Whereas this character is really well-written. I just hope I get to do more of that.”

But leading up to that, we’re looking forward to her final exciting episodes with her husband Rory and an exit so mesmerising and explosive that we won’t need to hide behind the sofa but more likely pick it up from wherever Steven Moffat has managed to emotionally throw it.

Gillan has insisted that her leaving the show will have a major impact. She’s not wrong. Since the series returned, in 2005, the longest a companion has managed to stay as a series regular is 2 years. Karen is now entering her third and final run and surely you’ll all agree, it’s going to be the departure of a lifetime.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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