Steven Moffat, writer of Doctor Who and Sherlock

Moffat: Companions Shouldn’t Die

Been wondering just how Amy Pond might leave the TARDIS in Doctor Who Series 7?

One thing seems likely – she won’t die. Steven Moffat has told The University Observer that he’s writing Rory and Amy’s finale now, stating that “they’ll be gone forever.”

Though he has previously promised it will be heartbreaking, he further explained:

“Heartbreaking doesn’t mean unhappy. Wait and see. I mean, it’s parting. It’s parting from someone and that’s always very hard.”

Steven Moffat, writer of Doctor Who and SherlockBut will he kill the popular pair off?

“I’m not very good at killing people. I don’t like it! I didn’t even know that about myself until Russell pointed out that I’d written six episodes of Doctor Who for him and I hadn’t killed anybody. Literally hadn’t killed anybody.

“No one dies in The Empty Child,’ no one dies in Girl in the Fireplace, except the person who was dead already. I have killed a few but… I haven’t killed any main characters. I don’t think the Doctor’s companions should die; I think that spoils the fairytale a bit. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t, of course!”

Of course, as we know, rule one is that “The Grand Moff lies”. You will have to make your mind up on whether the showrunner – who took over Doctor Who in 2010 after being a regular writer for the series since its return in 2005 – is being entirely honest. Recalling taking the job, Moffat says:

“I remember sitting down for the first time and thinking, ‘bloody hell, I’m actually writing Doctor Who’. That never completely wears off, to be honest; I’m always very excited about writing Doctor Who but it’s now harder for me to recapture the feeling of it being entirely a novelty.”

He has also previously said that the next series will be completely different in its approach from series 6. But he still intends to carry on the tradition of an arc:

“There’ll always be and always are things that run through it, but I suppose it will be slightly less big than it was last year. Last year was the most we’ll ever do, I think. It got a lot of attention and caused a lot of controversy, and it got a much bigger American audience because it kind of gave them a reason to keep watching. But I think we have to keep changing Doctor Who or else it feels rather stale.”

The series has just commenced filming, but even Moffat doesn’t know when it’ll air, exactly, reporting that

“I’m pretty sure it will be the autumn. Pretty certain.”

It’s going to be a long wait, folks…


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