Valentine IS the Doctor!

Come on, Moffat - even you can't say no to the Eighth Doctor now!

Matt Smith is no longer the youngest person to be the Doctor! Well… sort of.

Doctor Who fan, Ryan Dewalt and his wife started to dress their two-year old daughter, Valentine, in miniature Doctor costumes, and the resulting photos have created a bit of a cult stir on ‘tinternet.

Valentine has apparently been dressing up as the Time Lord since the age of 13 months, and her father has said:

“She enjoys dressing up. Costumes, tutus, you name it. She’ll go to her costumes and pull out outfits to put on.”

Pictures show her donning outfits similar to all eleven Doctors, though she can also regenerate into River Song and Captain Jack upon occasion. Her Ninth Doctor costume looks more ‘rock star’ than Eccleston’s, but the prize for best get-up must surely go to the First Doctor. Hmmm? Yes, quite so.

Valentine is expecting a sibling in October, who, she claims, will be called either Amy Pond, Rose, or the Master. If the latter is true, surplus fake moustaches will reportedly be supplied by Kasterborous editor, Christian Cawley.

You can ‘follow her’ on Twitter, where the two-year old uses words like “hubba hubba,” “scumbag” and, of course, “Rickrolled.”

…What do you mean, ‘slow news day’?!


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