Paul McGann hosts Sky's new motor show, The Petrol Age

Withnail, The Petrol Age And Terrible Driving

In a case of reality not meeting expectations, Paul McGann has said that he first learned to drive to deal with a scene in Withnail & I that involved him driving while drunk down a motorway (he also said that he bought his first car with his wage from the film). This defies logic, because in the same way that you’re going to sing badly if you’ve had no practice or training whatsoever, surely the best person to drive badly is someone who only has the basics down, if that.

Paul McGann hosts Sky's new motor show, The Petrol AgeAlthough in a concession to my essential point, he does admit that

In that film we drove an old Jag. I couldn’t really drive it to be honest. I was really novicey, and Richard Grant who was having to sit next to me was quite nerve wracked from time to time.

This came out while he was doing promotion for his new show on Sky HD, The Petrol Age, in which, according to McGann,

I got to drive all these old cars! Old cars, new cars, modern race cars, and I’m no driver really…just an ordinary road driver.

Of his casting in the presenter job, he said

My mates were a little bit envious. It was less of a job; it felt like a bit of a reward.

Of course, since I don’t possess Sky HD (or indeed, anything better than Freeview) I’ll have to leave this one to you lot to check out! Check your listings magazine for scheduling, and find out more at the show’s homepage.

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