Cute or Annoying? You Decide! [POLL]

I’m usually quite impressed by mashups, but this one is troubling me. The cloying cuteness of My Little Pony is something that haunted by childhood, so to see it combined here with our favourite Time Lord in Doctor Whoove is setting my teeth on edge.

The problem, of course, is that as a child of the 1980s, my younger sister was forever playing with these awful polythene toys, with their hairbrushes, makeup and stickers finding their way into every room of the house (and onto every surface!)

Yet there is something a little endearing about this video…

Actually, no. I don’t like it. Or do I? Is the dialogue a bit naff? Could the captions be discarded with completely? Would a storyline help, and is Bubble too annoying?

Gah! It’s all too much. Perhaps you should decide…


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