Doctor Who: Lets Cover Cardiff in Goo!

The TARDIS - the rue star of Doctor Who?It seems no request is too big or strange for Cardiff City Council. Recently released correspondence reveals that the Doctor Who crew once wanted to cover the city in ‘bubbling blue goo’

Which was no problem. The council even had cherry pickers on stand by ready to cover the street lights in blue gel such is the love Cardiff has for the show.

Back in February a Daily Mail freelancer successfully appealed against the council’s decision to block the correspondence being made public however rather than airing any grievances the released documents have instead shown the extraordinary efforts the council have gone to make the show the success that it is.

Further emails reveal that councillors were only too happy to change the name of the area around Cardiff’s Mary Ann Street to ‘Time Lord Square’ for Matt Smiths début – albeit for one night only.

Other correspondence details the little perks councillors receive for their work such as free screening tickets and autographs, risk assessments for stunts like exploding consoles and juggling filming around the show and Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent which was hosting auditions in the city at the same time.

Perhaps the biggest surprise (if you happen to write for the Mail) is that only a single complaint was filed with the council to the Highway Department after BBC vehicles blocked a road before a Wales V. Australia Rugby match last December.

A council spokeswoman commented to the Daily Express:

“In the majority of cases, the feedback has been very positive. However, we acknowledge that on occasions there has been some disruption caused to individuals. We try to mitigate this by keeping those concerned informed and updated about what is happening.”

Long may this great relationship continue!


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