Fancy Funding a Time Traveling Troupe?

Crowd sourcing has become a popular way for interesting endeavours to find funding over the past few years, and now a Doctor Who fan is looking for backing for a serialized improvised comedy following the adventures of The Traveler and her two companions, Travis and Tiffany.

Raychel Winstead plays as The Traveler and is accompanied by Kyle Brower and Jessi Kyle, playing as Travis Hartnell and Tiffany Smith respectively. Where they travel to, when and what happens is based on suggestions received at the start of each show, and each night they will be joined with various talented improvisers to play supporting characters.

The intention of producer Dennis Spielman is that the first season of 12 episodes will run to around 40 minutes, and these will be available to watch free via YouTube!

A Kickstarter campaign has been setup to find funding for the project:

The aim of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $5,000 to rent the necessary theatre space, purchase insurance, costumes, build the time machine, pay the actors, etc.

These projects can always require a lot of work to find backing, so if you’re interested in backing the Time Traveling Troupe an receiving special gifts when the project comes to fruition, head to their Kickstarter campaign page now!


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