In With The Old And The New!

The beginning of May sees new audio adventures at both ends of the Doctor’s lifetime, in both the First and the Eleventh incarnations.

The Sensorites is a reading by William Russell of the novelisation of the First Doctor’s television adventure, written by Nigel Robinson. When the Doctor and his first companions land on a dying spaceship, he meets two astronauts who are afraid of telepathic creatures called the Sensorites. They’re related to the Ood, but we don’t know that yet. Described recently by Doctor Who Magazine as “an atmospheric re-imagining of a TV story which adds new depth to the original version”, it sounds like it’s a must-have for any fans of the novelisations or indeed Doctor Who audio dramas in general.

The Eleventh Doctor’s CD is a new idea, as opposed to the reading of the Target novelisation that is the CD described above. Day Of The Cockroach  goes back to the 80s, to the time that the bomb was feared to drop – but with a twist. When the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in 1982, Britain is in the middle of an atomic war where the bomb has already dropped. Only in established history, it never did, so what the hell is going on? This is certainly an intriguing concept and makes me wonder how they’ll resolve this alternate history. Steve Lyons, who wrote the impeccable The Crooked World for BBC Books a few years back, has written this for AudioGo, where Arthur Darvill has been chosen to read it.

The Sensorites is five discs long with an RRP of £13.25 (£11.93 at Amazon), while Day Of The Cockroach is one disc and priced, like the recently announced Torchwood drama Red Skies at £10.20 (although of course you’ll save if you shop at Amazon where it costs just £7.65). Both are also available as downloads but prices remain unconfirmed and both are released on the 3rd of May (1st May for downloads).

While both seem like interesting products, Day Of The Cockroach seems like it’d be much more up my street. I’m sure those of you with better attention spans than myself will be eager to listen to both!


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