Frances Barber as Doctor Who's Madame Kovarian

Kovarian in Hostage “Sitch”

The everyday threats that pepper life in the 21st century came close to outrage and disaster on Friday when a disgruntled man held up a HGV training and licensing company in London’s Tottenham Court Road, resulting in many people in the area being held up.

London is of course busy enough at the best of times but on a Friday this lead to hours of negotiation and situation management, something that resulting in 100s being forced to remain in offices and other work areas while police dealt with the man, who had demanded a refund to his failed training by strapping gas canisters to his person.

Among those affected was actress Frances Barber, better known to Doctor Who fans as matronly mentalist Madame Kovarian in Series 6.

Warning: fruity language follows!

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Fortunately, the “sitch” was diffused and police lead the man away.

Isn’t Twitter great? Then again, a genuine Doctor Who personality reporting on a serious situation direct from their phone is slightly surreal, is it not?


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