Steven Moffat and Matt Smith on location in New York

More New York Shoot Snaps

Steven Moffat and Matt Smith on location in New YorkFilming for episode 5 (and 6?) of the new series of Doctor Who continues, with the Ponds epic farewell episode getting more and more real with every passing day!

The official Doctor Who website and the SFX Magazine website have released more images of shooting on location and things are looking…well, quite stylish.

Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan looked incredibly debonair as they played out what could be their final scenes whilst filming a picnic in Central Park as well as other events in East Manhattan and even Times Square itself, the Doctor, finally getting some action in NYC!

Matt’s costume was ever so slightly updated as he added a pair of thin frame spectacles to his ensemble, does this mean that the Eleventh Doctor is losing his eye sight or is he just wearing them because he thinks they make him look clever? Knowing Steven Moffat’s type of scripts, it’s probably an ingenious way to spot an alien menace.

The Doctor can also be seen reading a book in the photos, we won’t reveal its title as it may be slightly spoilerish but you can view the photos via the link we’ve provided if you want to take that risk. Rory can also be seen examining an object which could possibly give away the time period of the episode but at this stage, it’s all still hearsay and conjecture.

What will episode 5 have in store for the TARDIS travellers and how exactly will it end Amy and Rory’s travels with the Doctor?

Answers on a postcard if you please…

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year.



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