Is Jenna-Louise Coleman the new Doctor Who Companion?

When Fandom Shames

Do you know something? Doctor Who is massively intricate and multi-layered. Most of the time this is wonderful as it allows a show that has twisted and turned and revived itself in many ways over the years to be loved by so many.

However sometimes this sucks.

Casting tends to bring the worst out of Doctor Who fandom and its armchair producers, and the the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman is such a time. Various online communities have found themselves littered – nay, soiled – by rather personal and sickening comments about the new companion, things that go way beyond getting slightly annoyed at her unimaginative use of the word “excited”.

Is Jenna-Louise Coleman the new Doctor Who Companion?In fact, much as it sickens me to say, I’m certain that some such people are reading this. So this is for them.

You people really should be ashamed of yourselves. Why? Well, here’s what David Tennant thinks of Jenna’s casting:

“The people behind the show wouldn’t have chosen her unless she’s the best girl for the job, so I’m excited to see her on the show.”

That’s a man who not only starred in Doctor Who, first and foremost he’s a Doctor Who fan, just like those so-called fans whose disgusting behaviour leads to present and future stars of the show being advised to avoid the Internet.

It’s a disgrace.

So I’m going to make this clear: if you – yes you, reading this now – have written anything on the web that disparages any Doctor Who star in such a way that they would be deeply offended, then frankly you can click the X in the corner of your browser and just get lost.

You’re not welcome here. You’re not a Doctor Who fan. You’re a bile-filled disgrace to fandom.

Oh sure, you can come back here whenever you like thanks to the World Wide Web, but you’ll know at the back of your mind that we’re no longer speaking to you. We’re looking through you.

Because if you’re so small minded that you cannot accept a piece of casting – a process of which you weren’t involved – then you clearly in the wrong place. There is no room in Doctor Who fandom for prejudice and hate, two of the very things that the Doctor stands against.

If you cannot emulate these most civil and moral of concepts, then you’re clearly in the wrong fandom.

Shame on you!


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