Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Eternity Clock Roundup

The reviews have started pouring in for The Eternity Clock and some of them are… less than complimentary.

The Metro took a stab at the game and whilst it didn’t like the overall experience, the newspaper found that the game had:

“A great script, filled with jokes and fan-pleasing references. Good voiceovers too and better graphics than you’d expect.”

Doctor Who: The Eternity ClockIGN had a few comments to make and even though the game was reviewed by a Doctor Who fan, there were still some technical issues. Overall however, they found:

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is a game that is filled to the brim with good intentions and does a lot of things right, but the even the Pandorica couldn’t fit the amount of technical issues present, making it very hard to fully recommend this time-travelling outing to any fellow Who fan. Hopefully the BBC will continue in this vein with future Doctor Who games, but give them a bit more time in development so that they feel properly finished upon release.”

EuroGamer was less kind to the Doctor’s first PlayStation 3 outing and came up with a generally negative review, commenting at one point:

“Sadly the game gets worse rather than better as it progresses. It soon settles into a rhythm of blandly anonymous sections where you climb and jump, not because it’s fun to explore and navigate the environment but because there’s only one way forwards, punctuated by awkward scenarios that boggle the mind with their slack design.”

The Official Playstation Magazine, although you’d think that they would be slightly biased in their review seeing as how this is a PlayStation exclusive title, had little to say in their 6 out of 10 review but did make one unfair remark:

“It wouldn’t be so frustrating if everything else was terrible and you could just dismiss it all as awful, but there’s just enough entertainment to keep you playing, then feeling a bit sad that you did.”

So far, not the best response to The Eternity Clock! However, there are many redeeming features to this game and it should definitely not be written off as any kind of “poor attempt” at a Doctor Who game. Read our review on Kasterborous now.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is available now. Look out for a competition to win the game shortly…


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