James Bond vs Doctor Who

James Bond: Regeneration vs Evolution

They’re both known to wear bow ties and they both have a certain way with the ladies but Skyfall director Sam Mendes believes that James Bond has something else similar to the Doctor.

James Bond vs Doctor Who

See - bowties ARE cool...

Speaking to Collider.com the American Beauty director singled out the Doctor’s ability to change as something that he’s always loved about the long running series calling Bonds various incarnations a ‘regeneration’ rather than an ‘evolution’.

“I feel it’s like Doctor Who – there’s a geek answer – I was brought up on the idea of Doctor Who, who at the end of his final episode, he dissolves and a new actor pops up.

He regenerates and it’s a whole other character: sometimes it’s an old man, sometimes it’s a young man, but he just changes. I’ve always loved that idea.”

Its a sentiment that Steven Moffat doesn’t totally agree with. Tweeting in March last year Moffat said to DWM editor Tom Spilsbury:

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Which to a large degree is true. The character of Bond was never really front and centre of any of the changes of actor – other than to proclaim that this was the best Bond ever.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was the first film to build the film around the character of Bond – mostly out of fear that no one would pay to see a Connery-less Bond film. The only moment of weakness was the God awful ‘this never happened to the other fellow’ line.

The indecision cost the film in the end and it wasn’t until Casino Royale that Bond was placed back at the centre of his own film franchise.

Still it’s nice to see one old franchise acknowledging validating the decisions made by the various Doctor Who crews who were facing a similar decisive moment in their franchise history.

So what does Bond do? Regenerate or reboot?

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