Lesley Sharp: Not the First Female Doctor

So far we’ve had tabloid conjecture (Dame Helen!), alternate universe counterparts (Arabella Weir!) and Joanna Lumley (non-canonical!)

Is it about time we had a female Doctor? Of course rumours are just that, unfounded statements based on conjecture and until an actress gives the best audition (or is even considered for an audition) we’ll never know if such change would be accepted by adults and children alike.

There’s no doubt that there are some amazing actresses out there that could fill Matt’s fashionable boots – and one such actress is Scott & Bailey star and former Doctor Who guest star Lesley Sharp – who was again quizzed on comments made by former show runner Russell T. Davies when she chatted to the Metro:

“He said you should be the first woman Doctor Who, didn’t he?

Yes, but I think he was kidding around. He’s fantastic, though.

Do you fancy doing it?

I think Matt Smith’s doing a wonderful job.

He can’t do it forever though, can he?

We’ll see.”

Well, if anything, her answers prove that you can’t kid a kidder. Her love for Russell T. Davies doesn’t end with his ability to stir up the odd cheeky tabloid rumour:

“I learned a lot from Russell T Davies, who is the most wonderful writer. He and I just agreed on how much we love television and how important it is. He’s amazing. I learned a lot just from watching him on set and how he is with actors.”

Before she made her sole appearance in Doctor Who Sharp worked with Davies on the powerful, thought-provoking drama The Second Coming alongside the then future Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston. It was and remains the kind of important programming that elevates television above the lazy ‘poorer cousin of film’ comparisons that irk the Clocking Off star:

“A lot of the time, it isn’t even reviewed well. If you get someone who loves telly and knows about it, you get really entertaining and incisive reviews but sometimes you feel it’s almost there to be ridiculed. It’s an incredibly  important part of our culture in terms of writing and acting and we’re really good at it. We should be more proud of it and cherish it. Viewing habits have changed over the past few years and as shows go out, a ‘sofa moment’, where you sit and engage with a show when it is aired, is becoming an event and hopefully more precious.”

To read her thoughts on Scott & Bailey (in which she stars with living TARDI Suranne Jones), her worst audition and why she’ll never be a caught in an all singing, all dancing musical, head over to the Metro.

You can catch Lesley in Starlings starting Sunday at 8pm on Sky One


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