Doctor Who: Dark Horizons audiobook, by Jenny Colgan

More New Audio Adventures!

Is the lack of new Doctor Who leaving your ears fundamentally unsatisfied? Then you need some audio adventures in your life, and AudioGO is serving them up to you on a plate (except it’s a plate you have to pay for…actually, this is a really bad analogy).

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons audiobook, by Jenny ColganOf three announced adventures, the first is a novelisation of The Androids Of Tara by David Fisher. At this point it’s unconfirmed who’s reading it, but my guess is Tom Baker based on his track record for such things.

It’s available to pre-order on Amazon for £8.74, which is pretty good for 4 CDs! If you’ve not seen The Androids Of Tara yet (in which case we’d be in the same boat), then the audiobook of the novelisation is probably not the best place to start but you’re more than welcome to try.

An exclusive treat for you audiophiles is The Nu-Humans. Sitting in the nice acoustic booth reading Cavan Scott’s tale is Raquel Cassidy, who you may recall played Miranda Cleaves in The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People (not The Also People as the press release stated).

In this adventure, The Doctor and the Ponds arrive on the planet Hope Eternal. Their “hat”, as it were, is that the colonists have augmented themselves by changing their own DNA and internal organs. As per usual for such tales, the colony conceals a dark secret and their lives are endangered by discovering it. This hour-long CD is available from Amazon for the crackin’ price of £6.83 if you pre-order it now.

Dark Horizons (pictured) sounds like an interesting tale. It’s an audiobook of the new novel by J.T. Colgan and involves an alien invasion in what will become northern Scotland, which the Doctor stumbles on to while looking for somebody to play at chess (with a particular set, he’s not just there due to a lack of chess players).

he situation ends up being that the native people have to fight off an invasion without any form of technology (so, like the Ewoks) and with the Doctor’s allegiance in doubt if the press release is anything to go by. This one’s read by Madame Vastra herself, Neve McIntosh and is up for pre-order on Amazon for £8.74!

All the CDs are released on the 5th of July (this year), with the download prices and release dates unconfirmed at present.

So there you have it. Three interesting outings for the Doctor, three crackin’ prices. What are you waiting for?




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