Dalek sign in Boulder, Colorado

Please Give Way to the Cult of Skaro

Oh they warned me, Citizens of Boulder, Colorado. They warned me; “No, we don’t need thrice daily Dalek Invasion Awareness drills. With additional Dalek Knowledge Fitness Tests on Thursdays and Sundays.”

Dalek sign in Boulder, ColoradoHa! And now I see that Americas Skinniest Town (it’s true, fact fans!) is forced to eat a Skaro sized portion of Humble Pie as, I see here, that Daily Camera reports you’ve been invaded! And you’re totally unprepared for it!

Where were the whistles? Where were the high visibility vests? I bet there wasn’t even a whistle amongst you?

A motorway sign warning of a possible Dalek sized obstruction! Pathetic!

Now, I’ve brief my militia and the warhead has been primed, ready to obliterate the threat (and possibly 99.9% of all known life on Earth).

Honestly, Boulder. It’s a good job I’m such a down to the-small- flaming-hole-in-the-universe-that-used-to-be-Earth kind of guy. So in our last few moments on this plane of existence let’s think of all the ways you can say sorry to…


The sign, located at on eastbound Arapahoe before 48th Street, was in fact a prank. With the Colorado Department of Transportation having already changed to sign to warn motorists of a non-interstellar delay ahead?


I should probably have learnt my lesson after that whole ‘Zombies ahead’ sign fiasco last year. So many graveyards unnecessarily purged with fire.


Any last words anyone?



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