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Seghal Hits a Century

What looks slightly insignificant to the rest of the world can be very important to one person as Zohra Seghal can attest to. See, many people won’t know who she is (I’d certainly never heard of her before Our Benevolent Overlord emailed me the story for write-up), but a date of significance has recently occurred for her.

If she wasn’t living in Delhi, she’d be getting a telegram from the Queen, as she’s recently had her 100th birthday. A milestone worthy of Angelo Colasanto, to be sure.

And how is this relevant to Who, ask those of you who don’t carry IMDB around in their heads? (The very idea is remarkable!) Well, as of Friday Zohra is the first Doctor Who actor to become a centenarian. (And by extension, the oldest living person to have participated in Doctor Who.) She starred in the second episode of The Crusade and gained a small role as an attendant in Marco Polo. One wonders if she’s watching modern Who and telling her children stories of the good old days.

Since her early roles in Doctor Who, she’s appeared in several movies including Bend It Like Beckham and gone on to receive several awards for her acting work. We at Kasterborous (except Christian, who scientists suspect has no soul*) wish her all the best and hope that she continues to lead a long and prosperous life!

*This is a joke.


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