The Eighth Doctor’s Memoirs!

Memoirs Of An Edwardian Adventurer Coming next on “things we should’ve covered at the time”, an intriguing book about the Eighth Doctor’s audio adventures.

Released on the 12th of September last year, the book is intended to be much along the same sort of lines as Doctor Who Magazine‘s Time Team, except it’s on a smaller, more specific scale.

Memoirs Of An Edwardian Adventurer sounds like a later H.G. Wells novel but is actually a book by two fans (Will Brooks and Nick Mellish, both already authors) who sit down and listen to the entirety of the Eighth Doctor’s audio adventures, with a bit of the Sixth Doctor in there as well for good measure. They’d need a whole separate book for tackling the Eighth Doctor novels, so that’s probably why they didn’t try that as well!

The official website gives us the following synopsis:

Sometimes examining the literary origins of the Eighth Doctor’s adventures, sometimes commenting on the strength of a story, and sometimes merely praising (or otherwise) a particular cast member, Memoirs of an Edwardian Adventurer is the definitive account of two fan’s experiences of the Eighth Doctor’s era.

While “the definitive account of two fan’s experiences of the Eighth Doctor’s era” sounds like an overly specific superlative (another example of this would be “the best Beatle who later went on to join Wings”), it certainly sounds like an interesting read. If you already have it, let us know if it’s any good in the comments below!

For those of you living in the past, it’s available to pre-order. For the rest of you, it’s available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook for £6.26 or from PageTurner Publishing for £9.99 in paperback.


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