Tom MacRae On Television Panel!

Regular listeners to the Kasterborous PodKast (with a “K” – the player is on the right) will know that Tom MacRae, writer of such Doctor Who classics as Rise of the Cybermen/The Age Of Steel and The Girl Who Waited, was interviewed by Our Benevolent Overlord on the most recent edition.

On the off-chance that OBO’s extensive chat with him wasn’t enough for you, an opportunity has come up to see him and hear his wise words on the TV Panel of Kapow! Comic Con 2012, a convention in Merry Ol’ London!

Held on 19th-20th May at the London Business Design Centre in Islington, the convention brings all manner of television, film and comic stars to the public (where autographs are free, which will be a relief to the poorer fans). However, the main focus of this article is on one of the panels that they’re hosting.

The panel in question is on Sunday features Tom MacRae, Russell Tovey (Doctor Who, Being Human, Sherlock), Adam Garcia, Lucy Brown (Primeval) and Tom Allen. This team of interesting individuals has come together to answer the following question:

How much is creating a joke like constructing a high concept narrative?

The convention also features An Audience With Nick Frost, the team behind Batman: Arkham City and Jimmy Carr interviewing Frankie Boyle in what promises to be a controversial and anti-Royalty chat.

If this sounds like it’s up your street (or, in the case of our Islington-dwelling readers, literally up your street), then hurry up and book tickets for the event from the website, as they only allow advance booking and won’t be selling tickets on the day! This sounds like a must for any fan of pop culture, barring the poorer ones such as myself.


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