Tom Baker and Geoffrey Beevers as the Doctor and the Master in Big Finish's Trail of the White Worm

Trail of the White Worm

Tom Baker and Geoffrey Beevers as the Doctor and the Master in Big Finish's Trail of the White Worm

The Master returns in Big Finish's The Trail of the White Worm!

He is returning, through the darkness…well maybe not quite the darkness but all the same, this month, the Master makes his long-awaited return to Big Finish in the form of the Geoffrey Beevers “mid” incarnation and by all accounts it’s going to be something very special indeed!

The Master hasn’t appeared in a Big Finish Doctor Who play since 2003’s Master (also starring Beevers) and he hasn’t battled the fourth Doctor in over 30 years, so this is one big, huge event rolled into the beginning of a massive two-part story that forms the finale for the first series of Fourth Doctor adventures.

Trail of the White Worm finds the Doctor and Leela in Derbyshire in 1979, looking for a missing girl and trying to discover the legend of the White Worm. But things were never going to be that simple for them as they find the presence of another Time Lord in the area and he’s the complete opposite of the Doctor in every way…

We’re all excited about this adventure; it’s a number of “old” firsts for the fourth Doctor. A new Master story, a new Fourth Doctor and Leela story and an exciting series finale.

It’s so exciting that we can’t wait and neither can you, probably. But be patient, the end is almost here!

In the meantime check out the trailer and pre-order details here via Big Finish’s brand spanking new website!

Trail of the White Worm is out this month.


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